Strategic Brand Management

Essay topic 1: Critically discuss three psychology theories that have been adopted by brand strategists.
Evaluate its effectiveness or ineffectiveness. Use examples to support your arguments. Begin by
selecting three concepts/theories, establishing a critical literature review which defines and critiques
each of these concepts/theories in the context of branding. Then, choose a selection of brands as a
basis for illustrating your arguments and perspectives.

Essay topic 2: Brand Identity and Brand Personality are two theoretical concepts used to understand
and mm branding activities (David Aakgr, Jennifer Aajggr, Jean-Noel We; amongst others).
Within these schools of thought there still remain differences of opinion and approaches. Begin by
establishing a critical literature review, which defines, groups and critiques each of these positions.
Then following this, choose a selection of brands as a basis for illustrating your own findings and
perspectives. Throughout your piece, you should attempt to move discussions beyond the descriptive;
offering guidance and suggestions as to how theory and practice can be improved.

Essay topic 3: Over the past ten years, a cultural and anthropological approach to branding has
brought a new perspective on how brands can be understood and engineered. As guidance, you
should study the work of Russell Belk, Susan Fournier, Douglas B. l-lolt, Jonathan E. Schroeder; the field
of Consumer Culture Theory (W& Thompson; 59111315; Levy; Sherry; Schouten &M£Alw
amongst others); and publications such as the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing
Management, Consumption Markets and Culture, and Marketing Theory; amongst others. Begin by
summarisingwhat differentiates this approach from other schools of thought, and appraise its value to
academia and industry.




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