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From the company Health and Safety Engineering Ltd
You will be required to select a product (exhaust filter) from the website. which pertain to a particular industry and advise how they might best enter the growing markets of India (remember to state what you have chosen to focus on). Because the report is about an exhaust filter from HSE website you cannot sell exhaust filters to consumers you will have to sell it to garages and factories and other industries where it is used, so you have to segment it and think about segmentation.

You are a consultant at HSE which is based in the UK so you will be exporting from the UK to India ( How will you do this by airplane by boat you might need an agent to do this). There are many differences between the uk and India for example legislation, (use pest analysis), are there any restrictions from India. You need to take these factors and other factors into account.

research and present the geographical focus of the chosen industry and any associated statistics, you must also appraise cultural differences in your chosen market and how this might impact on customer expectations and business negotiations. This research should feed into your final smart recommendations for hse-ltd.

• State your chosen equipment type, explain which industries it pertains to and identify the Indian market. (Introduction)
• Present a summary of your research on the growth rate, locations and statistics relating to your chosen industry in your chosen market (think about segmentation so these industries may be factories, garages and other industries where you can use exhaust filters). Research and summarise other similar company’s entry strategies to this market. (Market profile & implications)
• Present a summary of cultural factors which you think may influence business to business negotiations and communications. (Hofstede theory/model) (Cultural profile & implications)
• Present a discussion which gives a good practical understanding, underpinned by a good understanding of theory. Include arguments and wherever possible supporting evidence for each point that you make about the marketing mix (use the seven p’s of marketing theory/model).




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