Operations and Supply Chain Management

watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccEG_GQn4t0&feature=youtu.be
After you review the video, review and answer the questions below. Your submission should be at least 8 pages long. Your submission should be in APA format.
1. Operations and supply chain management (OSCM) is defined as the design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firm’s primary products and services. Based on the video you watched about Cummins, how do their actions improve their organization’s supply chain? How did they improve the supply chain of their customers?
2. Discuss how Cummins’ sustainability efforts align with their operations management and supply chain management strategy. You will need to do research in addition to reviewing the video.
3. There are 6 phases of the generic product development process. Based on the improvements made in the video, which phase will benefit most from their improvements based on what you viewed. Make sure you explain your points based on what you have read or researched.
4. Do some research on Cummins’ website and review Cummins’ Remanufacturing Process. Based on what you researched, explain which layout format do you believe Cummins’ utilizes for their Remanufacturing process? Do you believe this is the best layout approach for them? Or is there a different layout approach they should take into consideration? Make sure you support your thinking with details and supporting facts.
5. An organization here in Baltimore has reviewed Cummins’ video. The Baltimore Organization wants to go paperless too. Based on what you reviewed in the video and what you have been studying, what process design and analysis best practices would you suggest that Baltimore Organization think about before getting started? Make sure you explain your points clearly and support your assertions.
6. Is there a human resource element that you feel needs to be measured to ensure employees are efficient or utilized as much as possible with the changes they made in the video? Is 100% the goal? Please provide your perspective.



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