Analyzing and compare Stella McCartney’s social media presence

Analyze and compare Stella McCartney’s social media presence to Rebecca Minkoff’s. To get started look at the following platforms for each and form an assessment of which business you think is more effective strategically (encourage trial, increase desire, facilitate purchase, brand awareness, customer loyalty) on each.

Google+ etc.
In a 5 page single spaced report – written in Word and submitted via Blackboard using charts and bullet points do the following:

1. Begin your report with an executive summary. Describe to the reader what you did as well as what you learned based upon your analysis. In other words, summarize your analysis and findings in bullet form. You’ll have to write this last since it is based upon your findings.

2. Compare and contrast the two companies’ social media use on the platforms above (as well as any others). Show total followers and engagement (shares, comments, sentiment). Finally, who’s social currency seems higher based upon your analysis?

3. What strategic objectives is Stella McCartney trying to achieve with each platform? Rebecca Minkoff? Analyze each company’s social media use on each platform to discern strategic purpose based upon the ones list above. Are they effectively social in ways that encourage trial, facilitate purchase, raise brand awareness, or deepen customer loyalty? Be specific in your analysis. Do not simply describe their post. Tell me what you think the posts are trying to achieve in terms of business objectives.

4. Based upon the above, which company is more effective at being a social brand. CHOOSE ONE. This is not an opinion exercise. Use evidence form the two sections above to determine which has a stronger social media marketing strategic presence. Also, keep in mind that engagement is not a proxy measure of social media marketing strength! Do not tell me one is more effective than the others based upon numbers of followers and comments. In marketing, strategic effectiveness is usually determined by appropriateness of the strategy.




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