A reputable news source


What constitutes a reputable news source for this class (I won’t be accepting other sources):

Acceptable News Sources (Independently rated for centric (meaning neutral politically-speaking) news reporting and minimized biases): BBC, The Economist, The Christian Science Monitor (not what it sounds like – this is my top personal choice for news), The Wall Street Journal, PBS News Hour, CBS News, The Pew Research Center.

When choosing stories from these sources BE CERTAIN you are not on the Opinion/Editorial section – those pieces of content are not "news stories."


Primary post (20 points): Please answer the following question:

Based on what you read about various feminisms (e.g. liberal, socialist, radical, etc.); which branch of feminism resonated with you? That is, of the various feminisms described, which branch of feminism made the most sense to you, seemed to explain best why women are oppressed and how to address women’s oppression. Explain why you selected that particular branch of feminism. Explain why/how that branch of feminism you selected is a better choice than the other feminisms discussed in the text.

Include a current event from a reputable news source (see top highlighted section) which provides an example of the branch of feminism you most directly resonate with and explain why it exemplifies this branch. Proper APA citation should be utilized. Include your word count at the bottom of your post.

The responses to these questions will need to be submitted on Canvas by 9 pm (CST) on this Friday. Responses need to meet the following criteria:

Be 350-500 words in length
Integrate 2-3 properly cited materials from the week’s readings (very important)
Include 1 properly cited reference to a current event
Be free of spelling, grammar, or syntax errors. (See syllabus for complete details on this assignment and the grading rubric)
Reminder – The current event must be within the last 12 months and must come from a legitimate authored source (see highlighted section at top).

Readings 1: hooks, b. (2000). Feminism is for everybody: Passionate politics. Cambridge, MA: South End Press. (chapter 1 only)

Reading 2,3,4: attached

Sources should be from readings

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