USA presidency-weak at home strong abroad


Write the instructions for 550 words and i want to include powers of USA president at home and abroad,roles of the usa president,different types of goverment,limitation of congress to the presidency,supreme court limitation, the popularity of usa presidency(ellections,polls and etc) at home and abroad ( i want the introduction in next 6 hours please)
And for the main body which i wan about 1450 words will be : difficulty of legislative and policy goals at home and abroad,effects of popularity on the presidency,how does the different types of goverment affect the president,how does congress limitation affects the presidency in imperial presidency and imperilled presidency,effectivness of congress, resources of the presidency,persuasion, the importance of having supreme court on the presidents side,supreme court nomination successfull and failed
And at the end i want my conclusion for 500 words which contains the summary of whole points, domestic and abroad two different presidency,intention of founding fathers
And please i want my introduction in the next 7 hours

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