Diversity and Cross-Cultural Psychology

Written following APA guidelines, a Reaction Paper for a PSY3423 Diversity and Cross-Cultural Psychology Class.
The main book from class that is to be used and referenced is Counseling the Culturally Diverse 7th Edtion, Authors, Derald Wing Sue and David Sue, ISBN 978-1-119-08430-3.
These are the instructions from the Professor, after reading the first 3 chapters of the book we can pick any topic from any of those chapters that relates to a current situation in the news…ie, like the #MeToo movement, or the Hands up don’t shoot movement and compare them both for the paper. They must relate in some way.
You can decide what the title of the paper is and the thesis statement.
Please make the paper very simple and easy to understand.
To very clear first you need to pick 1 topic from the book and a related current situation in the news and compare the two of them.
If you have any question please feel free to contact me.
Also, please send me a 1st page draft so I can make sure the paper is headed in the right direction. Thanks, and will you send me a message and let me know you understand everything?

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