This is a two part assignment. Each part is worth 100-points, and must be completed and turned in by Wednesday at 11:59PM (Mountain time). The rubrics for both are located in the Files section.

Research and read information from reliable nutrition sources, including print media and the Internet on topics related to the prevention, treatment, and management of diet-related diseases, medical conditions, or eating disorders.

This paper should follow APA standards and the written report should include a title page, two-page summary (minimum), and at least two citation/reference sources.

Create a PowerPoint presentation based on the information from your nutrition research topic. Be creative and informative. Your presentation should leave the audience wanting more and with a complete understanding of your topic. This is a good time/opportunity for you to practice your skills in patient education. Be prepared to answer any questions that your fellow classmates or instructor may have.

The presentation should be 10 – 15 minutes in length, and your visual aid needs to be a PowerPoint presentation, but you can add any additional items that you feel could enhance the learning experience. There should be 10 slides minimum, but no more than 25, and should include graphics. The presentation should include a title page and at least two citation/reference sources.

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