Rhetoric and Media. Winter 2018.


Essay Plan and Introduction Draft
Due: Thursday, February 8 at the start of your tutorial. Assignments submitted after the start of
the tutorial will be considered late (please review the course late policy for penalties).
Method of submission: Please submit paper copy to your TA (and include your graded copy of

General Notes: This individual assignment is worth 10% of your final mark and is the second of a
three-part assignment (see Thesis Statement and Bibliography and Term Paper). For this
assignment, you will submit a plan for your term paper essay and two different introductory
Assignment Description:
Now that you have conducted research (represented by the annotated bibliography in Assignment
#1), narrowed your research question and presented drafts of two thesis statements (Assignment
#1), you will develop a plan for your essay and draft two substantially different versions of an
introduction to your essay.
You will submit the following:
? A plan for your essay
? A draft of two substantially different introductions to your essay
The aim of this assignment is to further prepare you for writing a research-based essay. You will
incorporate the Assignment #1 feedback from your TAs and develop a plan for your essay (see
details below regarding the requirements) as well as two different introductions.
This assignment has two parts.
Part 1: Essay Plan
Answer the following questions in your essay plan (use the following four bold headings and
numbers in your assignment to ensure you have included all the components):
1. Topic: State which topic you are selecting and describe what you know about this topic and
what you plan to write about in your essay (include citations if you are drawing on
research/scholars’ work). (1–2 paragraphs)
2. Research question: Consider the Assignment #1 feedback you received from your TA.
Design a research question based on your topic that you will answer in your term paper
(what will your essay seek to find out?). Remember to keep your question specific and
narrow enough to be answered in a 5-page essay. See “Narrowing Your Topic and
CCT110: Rhetoric and Media. Winter 2018. Assignment #2
Formulating a Specific Research Question” in Blau and Burak 4th ed p. 405 (3rd ed. p. 405).
This research question is the question that your thesis statement answers.
3. My plan: Describe what steps you need to undertake to write the term paper assignment
(download and read the description of Assignment #4 on Blackboard). Think through the
process of writing an essay in detail and describe all the steps you are going to take. This
will be your “plan of action” for getting your term paper written: try to be as specific as you
can and think about including deadlines for each step you need to do (up to 1 page).
4. Essay outline: Include an outline for your essay, based on the research you have already
done and plan to do. For tips on essay outlines, see
Part 2: Essay Introduction
The introduction is an important component of an essay. For this assignment, you will write two
substantially different introductions. We will review how to write effective introductions in class
and we have provided you with effective examples in the course readings. Please make good use of
Similar to the first assignment, writing two substantively different introductions requires you to
think carefully about effective ways to come up with arguments and how to frame your research
for your essay. Your TA will provide feedback, and you will decide whether or not to use these
introductions in your term paper or how best to revise them.
Be sure to take advantage of the writing supports available to you, including CCT110’s dedicated
writing instructor (Heather Sanguins, see Blackboard for details on booking an appointment), the
Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre (http://www.utm.utoronto.ca/asc/welcome/) and research
support in the library.
Assignment Details:
? 3-5 pages, double-spaced
? Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1″ margins
? No title page necessary. Please put your full name and student number on the top of your
assignment, number your pages and STAPLE your assignment before submission
? Spell-checked and proofread, free from typos
? All research used cited in APA style (including in-text citations, any mentions of scholars’
research, and your bibliography) Note that the bibliography is included in the page count
for this assignment.
Be sure to keep your graded copy of this assignment to submit with Assignment #4

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