Decision Tree – Bank Marketing

Using bank-marketing.csv
Data inside R studio , you must

Write the R script to complete the Decision tree and tasks

For the study the general procedure is to:
Review theoretical background based on available resources attached in documents.
use the Bank dataset csv attached in the documents
Run an analysis – using R studio attach R file with comments in the code as a .txt code must be written in R studio not R.
perform evaluation
capture the results
“Document your findings and analysis in a data mining analytical report
Document must be APA , include in text citations , to include citing the datasource used. The link is above.

PAPER must have

Submit your analysis report by addressing the following critical areas:
” Introduction: give some background and context about the domain of application, provide the rationale for the type of analysis, and state the objective clearly.
” Analysis: describe the data both qualitatively and quantitatively through exploratory analysis, perform necessary preprocessing activities, give some intuition about the algorithm and core parameters, demonstrate the model building steps along with parameter tuning, and explain all your assumptions.
” Result: explain the result and interpret the model output using terms that reflect the application area, perform model evaluation using the appropriate metrics, and leverage visualization.
” Conclusion: summarize your main findings, discuss experimental limitations related to the data and/or implementation of the algorithm, and suggest improvement areas as a potentiation future work.

included is a sample R file for the decision tree , the R file I expect to be included in this assignment should complete the same tasks but with the bank dataset.




Sample Solution

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