Importance of a supervisor’s level of self-motivation as a prerequisite for motivating others successfully.

In order to better motivate others, supervisors need to be self-motivated first. Given this statement clearly address the following:

1. Define motivation before objectively analysing your personal drive for motivation – according to Nohria, Groysberg and Lee (2008). (10)

2. Clearly explain the ethical responsibility a QPS supervisor has towards the public, colleagues and the QPS as an organisation with regards to the following aspects of motivation (25):

2.1 Understanding the importance of being highly self-motivated as a QPS supervisor.

2.2 Effectively applying basic theory on motivating others to the self.

2.3 Successfully translating beliefs (including values) into principles (as discussed by Lynch and Lynch in ‘Philosophy to outcomes’) in order to improve the quality of motivational leadership behavior.

3. Once both supervisors and subordinates have achieved a satisfactory level of motivation, they will be better able to cope with change in the workplace. Critically discuss this statement. (45)



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