Course Project in Management information system course (MIS)

This assignment gives you the opportunity to use your MIS skills and techniques that you
have been studying to examine a case study and carry out an in depth analysis of an existing
MIS and suggest modification to help the organisational productivity
Your instructor would be looking for your ability to find and make sense of ideas about
describing the functional activities of the organisation of your case study, investigating the
functional problems, and suggesting remedial actions in view of the learning outcome of your
course of study.

This Assignment is worth 30% of total marks for this course
There are two deliverables for this assignment:
1) A group report worth 20% of your overall mark for this course; and
2) A group presentation worth 10% of your overall mark for this semester.

Case Study
Your task is to research an existing business process. You will examine only two business
processes or functions from commencement to completion, with a focus on the more
important or interesting tasks within the process. Your case study may be based on:
1) A case allocated to your group by your tutor; or
2) An example from your workplace; or
3) One of the well-known Saudi business organisation or company like
a) Saudi Electricity
b) Saudi Airline
c) Saudi Passport Office
d) Saudi Transport Department
e) STC, Mobily, ….
f) Hajj Management
g) MIS related business entity at your work

 Be careful to select two business processes of appropriate size. If you choose the
processes which are too simple, you will find it hard to demonstrate your mastery of
MIS concepts. Conversely, if you choose processes that are too complex, you may
find it difficult to complete the assignment within the specified time. Consider
discussing your choice with your teacher before you begin work.

If you choose an example from your workplace:
 If confidentiality is an issue, be sure to place an appropriate annotation (eg
“commercial in confidence”) in the footer on each page of your report and on each
slide in your final presentation. You should also seek permission from your employer
to give a presentation such a material to the your class.

Example of a case study:
Hajj Management Information System, which might have the
following, functions/processes, out which one should choose at least two of them.
(1) Pilgrim Visa Processing
(2) Pilgrim Processing at Ports
(3) Pilgrim Transportation
(4) Check-point Management
(5) Pilgrim Accommodation
(6) Crowd Management at Jamarat and Arafat
(7) Pilgrim Health Management

Your Team’s Report
Your report should take the form of a proposal to your manager. Your report should comprise
at least the following sections:
1) Cover Sheet
2) Title Page
3) Table of Contents
4) Abbreviations and/or Glossary (optional)
5) Executive Summary or Abstract
6) Introduction
7) Literature Review
8) Analysis of Models, Technology
9) Survey (if any) and Results
10) Conclusion and Recommendations
11) Bibliography
12) Appendix A — Minutes of Team Meetings
13) Other appendices (optional)

To be successful, your report should cover the points listed below with reference to the
literature to support your perceptions of the situation, use of models, etc. You will need to
relate relevant literature and modelling techniques to the issues raised in your case study.

Your report should:
1) Identify your case study and the intended purpose of the selected business processes;
2) Describe the overall business of your chosen organisation/system
3) Describe the overall business of two processes of your chosen organisation/system
4) Analyse the two processes against the IS requirements of Ethical, Privacy and Security
5) Identify the kind of systems (software) each of these processes use
6) Discuss the problems that currently exist in your chosen processes
7) Demonstrate how Information Technology can be used to improve the prepossessing
of the two processes
8) Discuss how your suggestions would empower the stakeholders and accommodate
self-modification in response to changing circumstances; and
9) Comment on any issues that arose during research of the case study.

There is no lower or upper word limit for the report of this assignment. However, as a rough
guide, the main part of your report (Executive Summary…Conclusion and
Recommendations) should not be less than 20 pages and not more than fifty pages.
All members of a team will normally receive the same mark for the report. However, if your
teacher becomes aware of an imbalance of effort within a team, your teacher may allocate
marks that reflect individual assessment of that imbalance.
If you believe that a member of your team is not making an acceptable contribution, you
 Raise and attempt to resolve the problem within your team. If that fails, then
 Discuss the matter with your teacher.
Please keep in mind that your teacher can only adjust marks if he/she is made aware of the

Appendix A of your report must contain the minutes of your team’s meetings, including net
meetings. The minutes of your team meetings may be used as one way of determining each
member’s relative contribution to the success of the project. There is no mandatory format the
minutes should take but the following would be acceptable:
1. Date, start time and place of meeting.
2. Attendance
a. Those present
b. Those absent and who sent apologies
c. Those absent who did not send apologies.
3. Matters arising from the previous meeting
a. Status/progress of action items
b. Other issues
4. For each item, topic or issue discussed
a. A brief summary of the item, topic or issue
b. A record of any decisions made
c. Any action-items, plus who has responsibility for each action-item.
5. Date, time and place of next meeting
6. Time meeting closed.
Be very aware of plagiarism. Always cite your sources. If you don’t understand what this
means, please talk to your teacher:

You submit your assignment by doing both of the following:
1. One hard copy of your report must be provided to your teacher during the last session.
2. One word file of the report via email two days before the oral presentation to your
3. Beware that your teacher uses matching software to detect plagiarism.

Your Team’s Presentation
Each team is required to present its findings to the class during the last session. The intent is
that you will provide an overview of your report with an emphasis on what you believe to be
the key issues.
There is no limit on the number of slides you can use but your presentation should not exceed
fifteen minutes (including questions). You may loose marks if you exceed your allocated
You must provide your teacher with a printed copy of your slides at the beginning of your
presentation. Unless your presentation contains confidential material, you may provide a
similar handout to the other members of your class (electronic delivery is acceptable — e.g. a
Each member of your team must speak for 1-7 minutes. Any team member who does not
participate in the presentation will not gain any marks for the presentation (unless he satisfies
the requirements for gaining an extension of time).

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