Museum Research Paper


-You will be expected to visit a local Museum with the intent of writing an essay about an artist’s work you see at the Museum. Your paper may include research about the artists work not shown at the Museum but must include a work you can see in person.

-Note: please see handout for acceptable Museums to visit. (It’s on Canvas in “files”) If it’s not on the list please talk to me first about where you want to go. And yes please I would like to see some proof that you were at the museum; a ticket stub or picture would do nicely.

-The paper should be no less than 2 pages. Documenting pictures are encouraged but DO NOT count towards your two pages.

The goals of this assignment are as follows:

-To familiarize and research an artist who is new to you or who you know little about.

-To analyze the method, subject, themes and style of the artists work. (see questions below for more on that)

-To research the history and time period of the chosen artist

-To discover your personal assessment or thoughts about the work(s) in question. This should only be one aspect of your paper.

IMPORTANT NOTE: please site any sources you use in your research. Use your own voice in writing. It is plagiarism to use the words and ideas of another source with out giving credit to that source.

Here are some questions that will get you started thinking about what to write. These are NOT questions to be “filled in” and returned to me. These are just some ideas….

What is the subject matter?

What is the art historical context for this work or works of art?

What is the technique or medium?

How would you describe the surface texture of the work?

How is the composition arranged?

What part or aspect of the work captures my attention first?

How dos the artist lead my eye around the work?

How would you describe the surface texture of the object?

How does the artist use light?

Where is the light source?

How is line used?

Are there horizontal, vertical, diagonal lines?

If applicable, how is the human figure presented?

Are there a lot of details in the work?

What mood or feeling do you get from the work?

Is the work abstract?

Representational or non-representational?

Is it expressive in style?

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