Problem and Cause Exercise

Many acts of change to the criminal justice system have evolved over the past 50 years. Governments, policing officials, judicial officers and scholarly experts have made several changes to the criminal justice system based on “Problems and Causes.”

Some Examples Are:

Problem: Open air drug trade
Cause: Minimal policing in high trafficked areas.

Problem: Increase court defendants with substance abuse issues committing petty crimes.
Cause: Prison does not address substance abuse issues and defendants return to addictive behaviors.

Problem: Women continue to be victims of domestic violence
Cause: Women have no where to go when violated so they return to the home with abuser

Problem: Newly released offender’s recidivate due to idle time.
Cause: Offenders are unemployable based on lack of job skills and felony status.

complete a list of 5 criminal justice problems and the causes. The following are the 5 criminal justice topics to complete this assignment: Juvenile drug addiction
Adult drug addiction
Gang interdiction
Prisoner re-entry
Sexual / physical abuse prevention



Sample Solution

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