The influence of Advertising Trends


Read this for tips!

Identify and describe an advertising trend or
movement from the 1900s. Identify an advertisement
from the last 10 years that was influenced by that trend
or movement. Provide an image of that ad. Describe
how it was influenced, citing specific details in the ad
that are rooted in the historical trend or movement.
Describe if the ad from the last 10 years is successful
and why. Identify at least 5 criteria for a successful ad.Class,

A trend is something that is for a shorter time period.
A movement suggests a larger and longer change.

What are some of the trends and movements we have seen?
More cultures and races shown in ads?
More women shown in less traditional roles?
More suggestive attire worn by the models? More adrongynous ads? More
focus on health and awareness in the ads?
Find an ad that ran in the last ten years –
try to find newer examples.
Provide an image and add a caption to explain the ad
in a sentence or two.
Explain how the ad influenced the consumer?
What method and means did it use? For example,
what appeal was used? What about the layout, design
and color?
Find some research and data to explain if the ad was
successful or not. Did it increase awareness to an
issue? Increase sales? Win awards? What happened?
Also, identify five criteria for a successful ad:
For example:
1) A clear benefit – the ad offers the consumer a reason
to get interested in the product or service because the
focus is on a benefit.
Here are some helpful links:
Add image captions. Use MLA – double-space
throughout. Indent the first sentence in every
paragraph five spaces.
Add a Works Cited page. Try: https://
Always review the rubric. It is what you are graded on.
Make sure you address everything on the rubric. Have
Try not to be late. Late work is marked down.

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