Concept Analysis / Case Study

Concept Analysis / Case Study – 1650 words(without counting in text reference and reference list)

Present a scholarly essay, which could be used later as the foundation of a concept analysis paper for publication. Concept Analysis is a common framework used in nursing and other disciplines to explore and clarify the meaning of abstract concepts. This assignment is approximately 1650 (Without counting in-text reference and reference list in total word count) words so could be around 50% of word limit for a future publication.
Focus on ONE symptom relevant to your clinical practice and your clinical response (management). The case study you chose for this assignment will also be used for assignment 3. I suggest that you select a topic that is of interest to you and of benefit to your clinical practice and professional careers. Please focus on ONE specific topic related to your area of practice, for example pain, breathlessness, incontinence, anxiety, changes in nutrition, altered cognition, altered perception etc.
The Walker and Avant method can be very loosely applied as a framework to describe a concept (or symptom) in this assignment. A concept represents a ‘mental image of a phenomenon, an idea or a construct in the mind about a thing or action’ (Walker & Avant, 2005, P26). Your new knowledge will highlight the unique elements of a concept to provide clarity and meaning of the concept in use. You will also identify antecedents and consequences of the term in order to increasing understanding. (References for further readings are provided on page 4).
Details of the essay are provided on page 11 of the Course Outline with examples of what may be included in each section. Please note that as in your first assignment, you are not required to complete each individual dot point. However, we would like you to attempt the questions that are required in a Concept Analysis e.g.
• A definition of the chosen symptom (concept).
• The data base used and key words (one sentence).
• The attributes of this symptom (one sentence)
• The antecedents and consequences of this symptom
Please use subheadings as follows:
• Introduction
• Select one symptom
• Implications for Practice
• Brief Case study
The expectation is that your case study shows a comprehensive review of the literature, an understanding of a concept analysis and demonstrates your capacity as an advanced practice nurse/clinician within your area of expertise. It may also be the beginnings of your next publication.

Marking criteria
• Identifies patient cohort with diagnosis/chronic illness from your practice
• Identifies the relationship between the symptoms with the symptom cluster.

• Identifies ONE presenting symptom, related to above diagnosis/chronic illness, relevant to your health care practice. (Do not choose pain as it has been discussed previously)
• Provides a definition of the chosen symptom (or concept).
• Provides details of the data base searched and key search words used to explore the topic

• Identifies the attributes (essential features) of the symptom (or concept)
• Identifies the antecedents (what comes before); and identifies the consequences (patient outcomes from unsuccessful treatment of this symptom).
• Evaluates possible barriers and facilitators to implementing your therapeutic response in your area of practice.
CASE STUDY Present a model case based on a patient from your practice- 20 marks
• Briefly describes the patient’s symptom/s in relation to their disease
• Describes physical assessment the diagnostic tools used
• Provides an accurate explanation of the symptom management response by an advanced clinician, appropriately supported by recent literature
• Explores key preventative strategies utilised to ameliorate the symptom or concept.
• Explore the social situation/carer burden causing and/or influencing the symptom.
• Provides a scholarly presentation with effective essay structure, correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and within word count (+or – 10%).
• Provides an essay that is logical and coherent.
• Provides in-text references and a reference list, correctly presented using APA 6th style format.

I have provided one of my papers in the short loans on line. The following two publications on Concept Analysis and the reference for the Walker & Avant text may also be of interest to you. A copy of Walker and Avant (2011) would be available in most health libraries or in google and/or google scholar. If you want to learn more about Concept Analysis there is plenty material in Google and You Tube.
MacLellan, L., Levett-Jones, T., & Higgins, I. (2015). Nurse practitioner role transition: A concept analysis. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, 27(7), 389-397. doi: 10.1002/2327-6924.12147
Martin, C., (2016). The Value of Physical Examination in mental health Nursing. Nurse Education in Practice17, 91-96.
Zakrisson, A.M. (2017). Symptom-reducing actions: a concept analysis in the context of chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease. International Journal of Nursing Studies on Health and Well-Being12, 1387452. Accessed on 31.01.2018 from
Walker, L., & Avant, K. C. (2011). Strategies for Theory Construction in Nursing (5th ed.). Boston: Prentice Hall. (Kindly find this reading and use it in the essay without any excuse please)

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