The incidence of disasters and major incidents has been noted to be on the increase worldwide. The most common of these in the last few years has been earthquakes. South African medical and rescue teams are now ever more being requested to assist with these types of incidents.

Collapse of buildings is the most common occurrence facing the rescue teams. All too often patients are trapped in the rubble. The recognition and treatment of Crush Syndrome in these patients is critical to ensure an increase in their morbidity and mortality rate.

1. to do a Literature Review (of approximately 1500 words) on Crush Syndrome. It is expected that the more recent literature is quoted as part of this review
(75 marks)

2. Develop a Clinical Protocol for Crush Syndrome – which will include a diagnostic and treatment algorithm. This may be pre-hospital or hospital based, dependent on your present work environment.
(25 marks)


Sample Solution

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