Exercise Physiology

Question 1

write a review of ONE of the journal articles
You are required to do the following:
a) Introduce the content that will be reviewed and describe clearly
the statement of the problem
the rationale for the study
the research question
the hypothesis to be tested and the expected results
(8 marks)
b) Explain TWO (2) key findings that differentiate the present study from the other studies
found in the comprehensive literature review provided by the authors in this article.
(6 marks)
c) Describe TWO (2) limitations of the study, raised by the author/s, that explain either why the
results may need to be carefully interpreted or may provide less robust results than anticipated
or may only be generalized to certain populations and/or situations.
(6 marks)
d) Discuss TWO (2) relevant implications for future research directions as raised by the author/s
or implied in this article.
(6 marks)
e) Use the review article to draw relevance to the real-world context that you have experienced
as EITHER an athlete, coach, teacher-in-charge, sports administrator, school leader OR





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