Line of production in a global market


Line of production in a global market
Research one item’s relevance to and path through the global market. Write a post about (250-500 words) in the discussion board.
}For example: °Sugar (the Caribbean and FL) °Nike sneakers °Bananas (Central America and US/EU) °Jeans (China)
iPhones, chocolate, clothes (Vietnam) … there are many, many choices.
} Find what path that product takes before it gets to the store, and what impact it has on the people and nations that produce it/consume it. Cosndier some of the questions below.
– Where does production on this item begin? Who does the labor?
– Where does it go from there? Is there assembly in another country? – What are labor conditions like? – How much does it cost to make this product? How much does it sell for? Who gets the profits?
If you need an example, see here: tjtpJ/ moneys-t-shirt-wMect

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