1. Identify and briefly describe a large organisation from either the Health and
Social Care sector or the Hospitality and Events sector which has recently
undergone significant organisational change in the last 5 years. (5 Marks)
2. Use Kotter’s 8 Step methodology as a framework to analyse and evaluate
how the organisation attempted to manage its programme of change. (45
3. Identify the leadership approaches adopted by managers in your chosen
organisation whilst they attempted to deliver their programme of change, and
evaluate their effectiveness. You should focus in particular on their influence
and communication tactics. (45 Marks)
4. List and Justify 5 factors you conclude are particularly important to the
effective management and leadership of change. (5 marks)
This Assessment addresses the following Learning Outcomes:
LO1: Critically evaluate leadership theories and assess their utility in the
management of change.
LO4: Develop an effective plan to effectively manage a specified change.

Ensure you use correct essay format; cover page, introduction, main body of
analysis and evaluation, conclusion, bibliography, appendices as required.
You must use academic theory and other robust sources relating to leadership and
change to support your text, and any theory used should be applied to the context of
the scenario.
You must use in-text citations to evidence your work, in addition to producing a full
list of references in the bibliography. All of these should conform to Harvard
Referencing format.
The bulk of this text should be your own original work, and should not be excessively

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