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Initial Post Should be substantial and answer the question completely. Initial posts should
have at least one reference. The reference should be cited in the text and in a
separate reference section following the post text. The citation and reference
should be in APA format.

Answer one of the two discussion questions below. Indicate in the discussion
thread if you are answering #1 or #2.
Question #1: After reviewing the Nurse Practice Act, what are two major
elements of the act that you learned about? How will you apply that to your
current clinical practice?
Question #2: After reviewing the Nurse Practice Act, what are the key
principles that you learned regarding delegation? What are the legal and
ethical consequences if delegation is not performed correctly?

? Go to the LLR – https://www.scstatehouse.gov/code/t40c033.php
? The nurse practice act is a legal document in which all nurses must comply with all
the provisions. Review the following provisions in the nurse practice act.
? 40-33- 02 – Definitions
? 40-33- 30- License requirement to use the title nurse.
? 40-33- 42 – Delegation
? 40-33- 110- Grounds for discipline of licensees
? 40-33- 111-Reporting misconduct
? 40-33- 200- Unauthorized practice

? Chapter 5: Legal and Ethical Issues
o Yoder-Wise, P. S. (2015). Leading and managing in nursing (6th ed.). St Louis,
MO: Elsevier.

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