Outside Event Analysis


Attend an outside event relevant to this course and write a brief summary of the event (no more than 1 page) and a reaction to it (3-4 pages). Think of your
paper as a conversation with the presenter. In the process, apply 2-3 course concepts—but don’t just drop them into your paper. Instead, demonstrate your
understanding of the terms by engaging with them and carefully relating them to your analysis of the event. Use these questions for guidance (but feel free
to include your own ideas!):
How has the information from this event countered or complimented what we have learned in class? 1. What does your comparison of the speaker’s
material/performance/presentation to our course content suggest? 2. How has the event extended your understanding of gender in communication? 3.
What questions would you like to (did you!) ask the presenter? 4. What ideas for future events does your analysis suggest?

I took part in the event that was presented in the picture. You can choose to write a summary of the activity. You only need to watch the following video and
then finish the article based on the questions. Thank you.
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7cW60vhP4Y

The link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7cW60vhP4Y&t=99s. If it still doesn’t work, search for “knife skills” directly on youtube, which is a 39:54
short film. Its full name is “Knife Skills | 2018 Oscar Nominee | The Screening Room | The New Yorker”

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