Care of the Boarded Patient in the Emergency Department

Care of the Boarded Patient in the Emergency Department

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A. The student will prepare a written proposal for a project of which the focus is resolution of a selected issue or problem significant to professional nursing

practice (with potential for application in a work or community setting). While the proposal may not actually be implemented, it will be submitted to pertinent

administrators in a workplace or community setting. It must include:
1. A description of the problem or need for change/practice change
2. A resolution strategy
3. An implementation plan
4. A proposed evaluation of outcomes method
5. A formal process for dissemination of findings of outcomes
***The topic I have chosen is admitted patients boarding in the Emergency Department. And the proposal resolution strategy will be to care for these boarded patients

in an area of the ED separate from other ED patients.***

B. The student will select one of three evidence-based nursing practice model as the foundation for the Capstone Project (CURN, Stetler, or IOWA). All elements of the

model must be addressed, as indicated. The elements will be used as headings within the written paper submission to ensure they are used to structure the project.
***The model that I have chosen is the Stetler model and I will upload a document that shows what it is.****

C. This project should address one or more of the following Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice and/or Quality and Safety Education

for Nurses’ (QSEN) elements at a minimum, as applicable to the student’s specific project.
1. Patient safety
2. Patient-centered care (patient involvement in care decisions such as cultural considerations, patient values, et cetera)
3. Professional values (altruism, human dignity, ethics, et cetera)
4. Quality improvement
5. Nursing informatics
6. Opportunities for teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration
7. Leadership and Management (healthcare regulations translated into practice, healthcare policies, environment of care issues, communication strategies, ethical and

legal implications, financial resources, et cetera)

D. This Capstone Project must include an analysis and synthesis of recent, scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles in order to validate the usefulness of the project

to facilitate evidence-based change that meets an identified need. Articles should mostly be published within the United States. Be sure to include mostly nursing

articles. (It is acceptable to use other discipline’s articles to ensure a collaborative effort between the disciplines however; nursing should be the majority of the

***I will attach a list of references that I have already found that will pertain to my topic. I wanted to help with this as much as I could***

E. The written paper should include data from A, B, C, and D above. The total length should fall between 5-7 pages not including the title page, abstract, and

reference list. The paper must strictly adhere to APA format in all elements.

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