Design Ethics

Whether you are creating a project for your biology class or writing a research paper, you are a designer. Are you an ethical designer? Is that something you even think about when taking on projects? Why even consider this? Design ethics establish behaviors and actions which are generally accepted in the discipline. Design ethics help raise the standard for projects (“What are Design Ethics”).

For your assignment, choose a topic related to one of the issues we’ve discussed in class. Whether it’s an application designed to use “gaming” or the manipulation of “free choices”, consider what you would like to write about. Be sure to:
1. Choose one specific topic to develop.
2. Identify one example, in this case it may be an app, using social approval/reciprocity, or online formatting technique, and use it as the central focus for the discussion. Of course you can compare this example to others, as they will have many things in common.
a. For example, you may choose to discuss the “magic”, as Tristan Harris refers to it, of choice manipulation in menus and argue whether it is ethical or manipulative.
3. Create an argument based on your position, but be sure to offer evidence of your points. It needs to not only say, “use of social approval is ethical,” but it also needs to offer reasons how it is. These reasons will be the basis of the paper’s support.
4. Finally, offer up a counterargument to your point. This is a place in your paper where you concede that opposing ideas have validity, but your paper will also try to address them in a meaningful fashion.


● Assume that your reader has read the same class material as you and understood it. She is looking for something that builds on these ideas and not just repeats them, thus needing focus.




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