People and Organisations

Choose ONE of the following essay questions to answer:

1). What sources of stress are detailed in Cary Cooper’s interviews (see Blended learning lecture material for week 6) and why do these matter?. For each one, suggest how employees themselves can best develop resilience against stress.

2) Using information about a business leader of your choice and with reference to at least one of the key leadership theories, assess what makes a good leader, and how significant leaders really are to the success of an organization.”

3) Explore the differences between extrinsic, intrinsic, and social factors of motivation. For each one, give examples of the types of rewards employers might offer that are likely to be attractive to undergraduate students who have just left University.

4) ‘Effective communication is an important part of organisational success, but does not always take place flawlessly’. Discuss this statement, using theory/literature to consider what steps we can all take to ensure that communications in organisations are effective and less open to misinterpretation.




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