Social Media in Marketing

By knowing what a person says, we can know who they are. By knowing who somebody is, it becomes easier to predict what exactly they’ll do in the future.”(Steiner 2012 paraphrasing Leibniz) 1) In this forum you will try to take on the role of a marketer or data scientist and try to predict individual behavior using social media. Using information that someone on your social networking account(s) posts/likes/shares this week (please keep their identity anonymous here and do not reveal any overly sensitive information!), attempt to predict their purchase behavior (at least one piece of data must come from this week, but you can connect it to prior posts from that individual).

What social networking service(s) did you use in your prediction? How many data points were used in your prediction? (e.g. how many posts did you use?) Did you use multiple accounts? Explain how your prediction could potentially benefit this individual. Explain how your predictions may NOT benefit this person, using evidence from readings on “corrupt personalization” AND Eli Pariser TED talk on filter bubbles to explain why.




Sample Solution

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