Gamification, fun at work

In Work’s Intimacy Melissa Gregg argues the condition experienced by workers today “is to be invested in work as and when required but without the reciprocal assurance from employers that commitment will be rewarded. Such a scenario risks losing the goodwill of employees permanently” (2011: 165). In other words, there is a shifting of standards and expectations by employees and employers – that they will engage in what McRobbie (2016) describes as “passionate work” – but without any guarantees that will be rewarded with security or better conditions. This shifting of standards and expectations by employees and employers, in norms of reciprocity, has been referred to as shifts in the nature of the “psychological contract” of work (Rousseau and Schalk 2000).

For this essay discuss the changing expectations and subjective involvement of employees in their work. Examining the case that your group presented, please write a 3,000 word essay. You should include empirical examples or cases, at least one, in your discussion and analysis.:

– Gamification, fun at work
This is a research paper and, as such, should follow academic standards of writing.

The coursework should fulfill the following formal criteria:
• It should include Harvard style in-text references for all cited works, and a list of references at the end of the text,
• It should be spellchecked and grammar checked.

first paragraph : Introduction
Explain the context of the essay
Give the answer: the response to the question or the overall focus of the essay (the thesis statement)
Describe the structure and organisation of the essay
2) explain how Gamification changed from 1900s-2000s
case studies support
case studies support

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