Indian port

1. Develop a process flow map that illustrates a better primary logistics flow of products and shows how improvements can be made at Indian ports. You can use one port as the example for this part of the assignment. You must use Microsoft Visio for your process flow diagrams and submit the “vsd” file.
2. Describe in detail the structural problems that hinder logistics operations at Indian Ports.
3. Describe how ports and the firms that utilize those ports can reduce congestion and the problems that stem from that congestion.
4. Describe how a major steamship line (pick one) should deal with logistics issues at Indian Ports. This is likely to include inbound and outbound transportation, cold chain, logistics service strategy, inventory management, obsolescence issues, waste and disposal, marketing material support, and other relevant issues.
5. Analyze potential financial impacts of the problems mentioned in your paper and explain how those financial impacts might be optimized.



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