Nursing – Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of School Nurses


Determine the roles of school nurses in Bahrain, the levels of job satisfaction among school nurses in Bahrain as well as the relationship between Job satisfaction autonomy and job efficacy. According to Lightfoot and Bines (2000), there is little research concerning the nursing profession in schools. The little research available is focused on investigating the role of nurses in schools. Therefore, this research will offer lots of new information concerning the subject matter.
School nursing program is an important component of Public Health Directorate in Bahrain. It is responsible for providing first line medical assistance for students and staff members, and ensuring they are in optimal health and in a safe and healthy environment, which fosters effective learning (Schainker et al. 2005; Taras et al. 2004; Wolfe 2006; Wolfe & Selekman 2002). School nurses in Bahrain are under Public Health Directorate, and their perceptions on roles, factors affecting job satisfaction and the relationship between job satisfaction, autonomy and self-efficacy have important contribution to the improvement of Nursing Services in Public Health.

Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of School Nurses
This study finds school nurses understand job satisfaction to mean feelings of happiness, joy and contentment obtained from performing your job. It is a top human resource issue across many organizations linked with positive work attitude, job commitment, higher productivity and job retention (Okan & Akyuz, 2015; Roethlisberger & Dickson, 1939). Other studies (Butler & Rose, 2011; Hegney et al., 2006; Williams, 2014) find school nurses have low levels of job satisfaction associated with fewer approved drugs and medical equipment. However, in Bahrain, the present study finds both government and private school nurses have overall high levels of job satisfaction (Mean=3.80) with private school nurses reporting higher levels of job satisfaction (Mean=3.97 vs. 3.57). School nurses in Bahrain associate their job satisfaction to intrinsic, extrinsic and personal factors as explained in the next two sections.

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