All police should be required to have tertiary qualifications. Why/why not?


The question asks whether police should be required to have a university degree before entering the force.
In order to support your argument, look for studies that have compared police who hold tertiary qualifications to those who do not. Which group performs
their role better?

Each grounds should include evidence in the form of academic references (journal articles, book chapters, or government websites).
You need to include at least six academic references.
For the purpose of this assignment, tertiary education refers to a university degree.
Simply describing the current police training is not sufficient to demonstrate that tertiary education should (not) be required.
Simply describing the historical context of the debate is not sufficient (e.g. describing the Fitzgerald Inquiry does not constitute evidence). Your argument
should be based on research demonstrating the benefits of tertiary education for police, or lack thereof.
Be sure that your argument focuses on the benefits of tertiary education for police, not for citizens generally (e.g. simply describing the skills gained from
tertiary education such as critical thinking, writing, etc. is not relevant unless you explain why this is important in policing and back this up with evidence).
You may choose to focus specifically on Australian research, but international research is also fine. Limiting the scope to just Australian research may make
it difficult to find sufficient supporting evidence.

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