Business plan for environmental issue in mining bussiness in saudi arabia


It is a pleasure to supervise your Business Plan Project (BPP).
The process is also described in the document:
1. You select a topic and get it approved: A few suggestions: Better to choose a topic offering you the opportunity to find relevant data about the market, the demand, the costs, … that topic is probably related to your professional activity (e.g. a business plan to set-up a business to supply your company or organization with goods and services) or the one of relatives. Better to choose a topic in which you find a personal or professional interest, because you are going to spend a good amount of time (around 150 hours).
2. You develop a table of contents and get it approved: Once the subject is given, I require a more detailed table of content than the one below
Title Page.
2. Table of Contents.
3. Executive Summary:
o Business Concept & Mission Statement.
o Operating Plan Summary.
o Marketing Plan Summary.
o Financial Plan Summary.
4. Business Discerption:
O What is your Business Project (Business Idea & Identification)?
5. Business Project Description:
o The purpose of your business project.
o What will be your product(s)?
o Your products’ market.
o Who’s your customers?
o What information you need.
6. Business Environmental Analysis.
7. Industry Background:
o Industry Description.
Industry Competition.
o Industry Development and Growth.
8. Market Analysis:
o Describe and Define Your Target Market.
o Estimating your market share (expected sales) or demand for your product.
9. Marketing Plan:
o Using your marketing plan as a road map.
o Developing your marketing plan.
o Defining your marketing mix.
10. Operating Plan:
o Location.
o Operation Procedures.
o Facilities and Layouts.
o Purchasing and Distribution.
o Inventory Management and Control.
o Quality Control and Customer Service.
o Determining breakeven point.
11. Management Plan:
o Managerial structure of your business.
o Describing your team members’ qualifications and experiences.
o Introducing the team as a unit.
12. Financial Plan:
o Specifying your business capital requirements
o Providing financial projections in professional ways.
o Conducting breakeven analysis for sales
o Assessing risks and rewards
o Anticipating financial returns.
3. You provide a sample chapter and get it approved. I would be happy to read Chapter 9 (Marketing Plan) and 12 (Financial Plan)
4. You submit the final work.
To ease our communications, I propose for:
• Formal communication via email at each of the 4 stages: (1) Topic validation, (2) Table of contents approval ; (3) Sample chapter delivery ; (4) Final delivery and acknowledgment of receipt

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