Arbitration VS Negotiation in US and Saudi Arabia

1. Define arbitration and negotiation.

2. What law is generally applicable to negotiation and arbitration in Saudi Arabia? Is there a
law similar to the Federal Arbitration Act which applies in the United States? Are there local
rules for arbitration or negotiation?

2. How are arbitrators chosen under Saudi law? How does this compare to the method used

in the United States.
3. Does Sharia Law influence negotiation in Saudi Arabia? If so, how is negotiation
influenced by Sharia Law?
4. is there a central organization in Saudi Arabia that controls negotiation or arbitration?
How does this compare to the system in the United States where there are both federal and state
laws that may apply to arbitration but no national rules that control negotiation?
5. How do peeple generally negotiate in Saudi Arabia? Are there rules , either formal or
informal, that apply? Do women participate in negotiation? Does the age of the negotiator matter
in negotiation? Are there customs that must be followed when negotiating?
6. What is the procedure for an arbitration hearing in Saudi Arabia? Are there rules of
evidence? Are the mics similar to thoseused in the United States? Does an arbitrator need to
have some training or specialized knowledge in Saudi Arabia to be an arbitrator?



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