Independent HRM Business Consultant

As an independent HRM Business Consultant, you have been appointed by a large international charitable organisation that is involved in humanitarian aid around the world, to create a written report covering the following:
Critically discuss the different challenges that the organisation faces in relation to a multicultural workforce that is geographically dispersed. For example, the charity has to achieve two conflicting objectives; they must integrate human resource policies across a number of different geographical locations, so that the charities objectives can be met, and at the same time the approach they take to HRM must be flexible enough to allow for differences in the types of HR policies and practices that are most effective in the different cultural settings that they operate in.
Such practices you could include in your discussion are;
? HR planning
? Recruitment and selection/retention
? Human resource development (leadership)/career development
? Remuneration/benefits
? Industrial relations/health & Safety
Attempt to provide recommendations that can be adopted by the charity to aid the development of HR strategy. Be creative yet professional. The CEO of the charity would like you to use examples or illustrations where possible to support your recommendations.
Please read all questions and information provided carefully. Answers should be of appropriate length keeping in view the requirements of the task and the total word count of 1500 words (excluding references) allowed.
In addition, your assignment should demonstrate the following qualities:
An appreciation of relevant literature and its use to support your recommendations.
Taking ownership of the content, being prepared to debate and argue a personal position, and providing evidence of evaluative skills. A submission made up of extracts from published sources that is descriptive or simply just theoretical regurgitation is not acceptable. Your submission must have interpretation and consideration of the challenges and issues of taking theory into practice.
Logical flow of ideas and treatment; appropriate selection of real world





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