NBK, Zain , Alghanim Industries, Kuwait Finance House

Choose a company in Kuwait ( NBK , ZAIN , Alghanim Industries, ) any company if you can find as much information as possible and evaluate policies and procedures.

1- A brief Executive Summary

2- Description of the company/institution

Provide an introduction about your organization and the industry. Cover the background of the company relating specifically to the HRM

3- What is the full title of the company/institution? Give a brief history of the company, full mailing address and relevant web links.

4- What is the sector that the company/institution operates in? Specify the products and services produced and offered to its customers.

5- Who are regarded as the customers of your company/institution (consider the end users, retailers, other manufacturers, employees, etc.)?

6- Provide an organization chart of the company, along with information on the number of employees.

7- Provide a list of functions performed by different departments/divisions in the organization.

8- Activities: policies and procedures for separation/termination of employment.

3.1 Does your organization separation and termination policies and procedures meet the features of best practice systems of separation/termination and the legal requirements, and how? Justify your answer based on addressing the best practices for separation and termination.

3.2 Explain consultation procedures with relevant managers in regards to the introduction of new forms, procedures or systems:

3.3 Explain how procedures for dismissal or termination respect employees, provide strict confidentiality and comply with legislation,

3.4 Explain how HRM department obtain support for separation/termination policies and procedures from senior managers

3.5 Identify organizational procedures for communicating policies and procedures, and provide supporting documents to relevant personnel

3.6 Explain feedback procedures to make refinements to policies, procedures and supporting documents for separation and termination.





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