Working In The Creative Industries

1. Explain why festivals need to evolve over time?

2. Define reflective practice and give two examples of how it might be utilised in the context of live music festivals in general.

3. State what you think are the four main areas for reflective practice regarding the festival and give reasons for your choice.

Communication, Delegation, and Networking

Sound Engineer

Stage Manager

Tour Manager

Artist Liaison

4. Choose one of the areas above by putting an X in the box, and briefly describe the role of your selected industry professional. Discuss the ways in which they might utilise communication and delegation in the live music industry. Include an explanation of how you can use your networking skills to source people/organisations to delegate to.
The Role



Operating Context

5. Explain the role of live music promotion companies such as DF concerts.

6. Explain two aspects of their business focus.

Market research and Marketing strategy

7. Provide a definition of ‘demographics’.

8. Explain the various promotional methods used by music promoters to reach their target markets.

9. Provide a SWOT analysis for a start-up promoter who intends to set up a new boutique festival in Scotland.
Strengths (Internal)
Weakness (Internal)

Opportunities (External)
Threats (External)

Health and Safety

10. Identify and briefly describe two key pieces of UK Health and Safety legislation relevant to professionals in the live music industry.
Identify Legislation
Describe Legislation


11. Explain why festival organisers and industry professionals carry out a ‘Risk Assessment’ for noise.

Contracts and Policy

12. Describe two key clauses in an artist/promoter contract

13. Briefly explain the ‘rider’ in an artist/promoter contract including an example of a requirement that may be outlined therein
Rider –
Requirement –

14. Give two reasons why the Scottish and UK governments continue to implement policies to support the Creative Industries.




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