Discuss the role of one CAM in the promotion of health and well-being relating to one specific health condition i.e.acupuncture use for back pain Present an A3 size poster using 1 PowerPoint slide which addresses the title above(ACUPUNTURE FOR CHRONIC LOW BACK PAIN) and the learning outcomes below.

1. Discuss the origins and developments in the use of CAM. 2. Discuss and appraise the role of research evidence for the use of CAM and compare to orthodox treatments. 3. Appraise the underlying theoretical foundations for CAM’s. 4. Discuss the potential place of CAM within contemporary health care practice relative to mainstream treatments 5. Employ analytical, critical and written communication skills 6. Analyse and discuss information and present this in an appropriate way 7. Evaluate two evidence base: (a). Acupuncture in Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain.A Randomized Controlled Trial Benno Brinkhaus, MD; Claudi




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