Comparing Toronto and Istanbul in history,culture and tourism


Contrast two sports teams or players; two art styles or artists; two leaders past and present; two companies; two products; two cars or motorcycles;
religions; TV shows; political parties; two food styles; contrast two cities; two regions within a country; contrast gender roles and expectations in a culture or
society; compare an aspect of one culture with another culture (ex. Vietnamese students vs Canadian students)

Step One: Complete a detailed outline outside of class in point form. Use key terms and phrases. The only complete sentence on your outline is the thesis
statement. Your outline must be submitted with your essay. Use statistics, facts or quotes from any sources you use and remember to include citation
information in outline. You need to use in-text citations in your essay. You need to have a reference page.

Step Two: On a day to be determined, we will write an introduction. On another day, we will write a well-developed compare-contrast essay in class on one
of the topics below. On a third day, we will write the conclusion. Your first draft, written in class, should be about 500 words, double-spaced. (I do not count
words; I consider development of ideas.)

Step Three: A final revision will be completed outside of class based on my feedback. Your final essay, revised independently, may be longer than the first
draft. Your revision must be typed, double-spaced, and formatted according to APA formatting. You must cite your use of any sources according to APA
formatting, including a final Reference page if necessary. Your original outline, essay, and my feedback must be submitted with your revision.

1. Before you write: Make two decisions: (1) what are your three criteria / categories of comparison? And (2) what is your purpose for contrasting these two
items (what conclusion will you make?
2. Your thesis statement should include four things: (1) the two items you will compare or contrast; (2) your intention to either to compare or contrast or do
both; (3) the three points of comparison or contrast (be careful with parallel structure); and (4) the purpose (criteria) for comparison or contrast.
3. Follow the point-by-point style used in the model essays.
4. Use appropriate transitions.
5. Hand in your outline with the essay.

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