‘Star Wars” (1977). George Lucas


Answer the questions about the film ‘Star Wars” (1977). George Lucas, director.

1 Does the editing overall seem to create continuity or discontinuity? If the editing is
mostly creating continuity, are there nonetheless moments when the editing creates
discontinuity? What is the significance of those moments?

2As each shot cuts to the next shot in the movie or clip, tap your finger on a tabletop
or other surface to get a feeling for the rhythm of the editing. How would you describe
that rhythm? Does it stay constant, or does it speed up or slow down? How does the
rhythm affect your emotional response to the movie?

3.Keep track of the types of transitions from shot to shot. Does the editor use one
transitional effect more than others? Are the transitions seamless and nearly
unnoticeable, or do they call attention to themselves?

4.Look for the different types of match cuts in the film. What sort of visual or narrative
information is each match cut conveying?

5Are there any moments in the movie in which the traditional conventions of
Hollywood continu’ty editing-including use of the master shot, the 180-degree
system, shot/reverse shot, match cuts, and parallel editing-are violated in some way?
Describe how these moments appear on-screen. What do you think is the significance
of these moments in the film?

6.Does the editing seem to indicate what the filmmakers want the audience to feel?
What is that intended feeling? Do you feel it? Is it an appropriate feeling for the
narrative and themes of the movie?



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