Information Interview

Sometimes simple conversations with people whom you admire or respect can provide significant insights into career paths, the path to success, and the market or field. An informational interview, a short conversation about work and careers, can help guide you as you make academic and professional decisions. You may make valuable networking connections or gain new critical business perspective.

1. Find a local Accounting professional who is working in a field of business, ideally the field you would like to enter. Try to select someone who currently has the job or a job similar to one you would like within ten to twenty years after you graduate.
2. Contact the prospect and set up a face-to-face meeting, video conference, or phone chat.

3. Prepare for the interview by conducting research on the person, the company and the industry. Using APA paper format and a minimum of three quality sources, write the first part of your paper. I recommend about the first 300 words.

Research: One of your sources must be from Bloomberg Businessweek. The other sources research, but also use other sources. They can be Bloomberg sources or library research. Document the sources,





Sample Solution

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