Maps and Network

1. Warm Up (SOpts)
i. (ZS pts) Draw map showing how you are connected to your friends or family. You may pick the
criteria of the connection (e.g., emotional closeness, contact frequency, business connection, etc).
Draw a map of how you are connected.
a. Define the linkage. Use one measure of linkages (frequency of contact, emotional connection, etc).
Show how you defined your scale.
b. What defines your clusters? Show 3-5 clusters. (3xmaximum: 9096 credit, St maximum 10096
c. What is the nature of your connections (e.g., Y’s, stars, bridges, etc). What percent of your links
does this cover?
ii. (25 pts) Repeat i, but use a different criteria for your linkages.
2. Mass Effect (50 pts)
There are over 18 hair cuts in the United States per year. Yet, there is no strong network platform to
connect hair stylists and people in need of a cut. People cite many inconveniences with regards to
haircuts: travel, scheduling, dependability.
How would you build a platform that connects stylists to people in need of a good cut?

a. Name the first 3 buckets that you will need to fill. How will you do that?

b. What value proposition would you focus on? How will you measure whether people are

receiving the value you are touting?
c. When do you think you will reach critical mass? What criteria would you use?
d. All businesses grow in stages. What do you think will be the first 3 stages this business will go
through? (Hint: think TM-SAM-TAM). Keep in mind, a bucket is different from a stage.




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