IMSE 2030 – Fundamentals of Systems Design and Analysis – Assignment 2


Complete below and produce ONE report to include all parts.
PART 1. Using IDEF0 methodology, draw a complete model to specify an organization of your choice (industrial, service, or public). This model should specify the organization down to its 2nd level of decomposition (i.e., include function blocks at the Axx level), taking into consideration of all the aspects such as outlined below:
Follow strictly the cross-checking steps to ensure the integrity of your model:
1. Specify and Cross-Check a function block: for each of the Inputs, cross-check for its related Output(s); for each of the Outputs, cross-check for its related Input(s); for each of the Mechanism and Control, check what it is used for.
2. Decompose, if needed, to 3-5 next level functions. For each of these sub-level functions:
? Carry out the Specify and Cross-Check as outlined in (1)
? Establish relationships amongst these functions through flow of Inputs, Outputs, Controls and Mechanisms
? Cross-Check Integrity of Decomposition: lower-level definition should represent EXACTLY its higher level function.
3. Repeat step 2 until the required level of detail is reached.
You should provide a textual description of the overall system/organization of concern, as well as for each of the function blocks presented in the model.
PART 2. From your IDEF model of the organization, pick up two related functions. Draw an Activity-Cycle-Diagram to illustrate how the dynamic interaction takes place.
PART 3. Explain, with flowchart if necessary, how simulation process can be logically carried out to estimate the system performance in terms of average lead time, and/or average resources utilization. Then, for the ACD model of Part 2:
? Assign time elements involved (such the average and distribution times of arrival, and machining/process/service times)
? Carry out a simulation, physically, and estimate the values related to system performance such as the mean throughput and/or the average waiting times.
Length and Structure: No more than 20 pages (1.5 spacing and including figures). Please properly “section” your report, so that it follows the format of a typical technical report.
Date of submission: To be decided with class.
Individual Assignment Evaluation Sheet
Assignment No.:________2____________Name of Student:_________________________________
Evaluation Criteria
Understanding of complete functional modelling of industrial/service/public systems
Use of IDEF modelling: able to use the methodology correctly (top-down approach, meaningful decomposition of functions, proper specification of inputs, outputs, controls and mechanisms and flows)
Understanding of the functional structure of a industrial/service/public system: the completeness of the specification of a system in the industrial, service, and public sectors.
Integrity of mode: Specification correct for ALL functions and at ALL levels. Cross-checking properly carried out as required.
Understanding of dynamic flow and interaction
Use of Activity-Cycle-Diagram modelling: able to use the methodology correctly
Understanding of the dynamic logics: understand the meaning and dynamic logics and explain how this can be used to accomplish discrete simulation of the operation of a system.
Use of ACD to carry out a simple simulation: values such as mean waiting times, etc., correctly estimated.
Contents and Quality of Presentation
? Good introduction and meaningful background information
? Clear argument, logically structured and easy to follow
? Good illustrations
? Sufficient support material/examples/references
? Logical conclusion
Class Submission
General feedback

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