Marketing Analytics Group

Question 1

Suppose you are the market analyst of a snack company. Your company owns brand E in this category. You have been given a data set of 2,000 shoppers, which reports for each shopper his/her purchases of a set of brands over one year (data for question 1). Complete the tasks below.

Calculate the market share, penetration, purchase frequency

Fit the Dirichlet model to the data and discuss the overall fit of the Dirichlet model.

Define niche brands. Are there niche brands in this category? Discuss the limitations for being a niche brand.

Evaluate your company’s brand performance in this category.

Discuss the managerial implications when looking to grow your brand in this category.

Question 2

Suppose you are the market analyst of a wine retailer. Your research team has already conducted a Choice-Based-Conjoint study but needs you to do some analysis (data for question 2). Undertake a conjoint analysis, completing all the tasks below.

Calculate the partworths for well-known country of origin, well-known region and for a $10 increase in price. Convert the partworths to dollar values for a well-known country of origin and a well-known region. Interpret the results. Calculate the choice probabilities for all eight alternatives. Comment on the limitations of this method to estimate market shares.

In the current market, only four of the eight alternatives, 2, 4, 5 and 7, are available. Re-estimate the market shares for these four alternatives. Your company is considering adding in to this market with one of the remaining alternatives (alternative 1, 3, 6 or 8). Determine which alternative is the best for your company to add to the market by calculating the new market shares after the addition of each new alternative. Comment on the consumer tradeoff among well-known country of origin, well-known region, and low price. Comment on the impact of the new alternative on the existing market shares.




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