Creating escape room

The Scenario: You are a start-up escape room company trying to make it big. You will be using all of the knowledge of this course to create a successful company.

Presentation Requirements:
1. The organization
a. Demonstrate your organization (its name, its goal, what it does, its functions, etc.)
b. Explain your organizational structure (e.g. matrix)
c. Explain what your competitive advantage is. Remember you classmates are your competitors so you should take into consideration their designs.
d. What type of job design approach will you use to maintain maximum efficiency (e.g. scientific rotation)
2. Conflict Management
a. Describe what kinds of conflicts, stress and/or changes that you will expect to face.
b. Create a video OR practiced live role play that will demonstrate 3 of such scenarios in your organization. Show it to the class during your presentation.
c. After each scenario, you will explain how these conflicts, stress, and challenges can be resolved using Conflict-management skills, Stress-reduction techniques or Communication skills.
3. Planning and Controlling
a. How are you planning for the future?
b. How will you be controlling for mistakes that might happen during the escape room? (feedforward etc)
c. Complete an INTERNAL and EXTERNAL analysis of your company.



Sample Solution

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