Org Development Quinn’s Competing Values Framework Leadership Project

produce a leadership profile of an individual with whom you are familiar who has occupied a leadership role

offer relevant examples and descriptions of the behavior you saw the person exhibit or fail to exhibit. Try to identify and share concrete and vivid examples and illustrations of techniques, methods, and approaches that your subject has used as he/she has occupied a given role (e.g., Mentor) and practiced/demonstrated a given competency (e.g., Understanding Self and Others). Roles: Innovator 1. Living with change 2. Thinking creatively 3. Managing change Broker 1. Building and maintaining a power base 2. Negotiating agreement and commitment 3. Presenting ideas Producer 1. Working productively 2. Fostering a productive work environment 3. Managing time and stress Director 1. Developing and communicating a vision 2. Setting goals and objectives 3. Designing and organizing Coordinator 1. Managing projects 2. Designing work 3. Managing across functions Monitor 1. Monitoring individual performance 2. Managing collective performance and processes 3. Analyzing information and thinking critically Facilitator 1. Building teams 2. Using participative decision making 3. Managing conflict Mentor 1. Understanding self and others 2. Communicating effectively 3. Developing employees



Sample Solution

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