Pumas brand challanged in india


Need to answer each question from the case than add support, search information related and support the answer from out said the cause need to do 4 different source for each answer … the answer should be (full of 3 page) no space at all single line, work cited detail NOT INCLUDE 1650 WORLD.
make source about those detail to be all right and include language easier words and clear answer , format, grammars

Analyze the case by answering the four questions below. This is a research-based case which means you will need to conduct outside research in order to answer the questions. Your answers should be within 2 to 3 pages; single space; Times New Roman, Font 12.
1. Analyze the Puma brand and the key factors that contributed to its success. Furthermore, analyze the drivers of growth in the Indian sportswear industry.
2. What does Puma need to do to maintain the leadership position in the Indian sportswear market?
3. How should Puma prepare to ‘fight’ the response from foreign brands in the Indian market?
4. What concepts and theories of international business are found in the Puma case? Briefly discuss each one and relate them to the case.


Answering the questions correctly (60 points)
Length (10 points)
Language (20 points)
Format/structure (5 points)
Citations/References (5 points)

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