Aspects of Totalitarianism


The following is the Project Assignment. It involves reading two articles/chapters on some aspects of Totalitarianism.

Write reasonably-detailed summaries of the articles and, in doing so, incorporate answers to the associated questions. Avoid simply paraphrasing the author’s arguments. Explain things in your own words so that I can assess your understanding of the issues presented. ‘ This should be written in prose, like an essay, and typed. I do not have a particular length requirement, but these are profound and detailed sources of scholarship (and journalism) so your efforts should reflect this.
1) The first reading discusses Nazi beliefs towards women and some of their consequences. It is from a book called Nazism and German Society, 1933-1945, David F. Crew, editor (Routledge, 1994).
r-1. In what ways can Nazi society and ideology be considered “antinatalist”? 2. How did Nazi racial views affect the treatment of women in Nazi society? b 3. Why can the Nazi’s “racial war” against Jews, for example, be considered a wider war on women and motherhood?
2) The second reading comes from a brand ix. ‘ beak: Azit.tst thescist Creep, Alexander R•. id Ross (Chico, Calif.: AK t=ress, 20:7). 1. What does the author mean by “fascist creep”? 2. How does he define “fascism,” and what tenninology does he use to describe it? 3. What characterizes the “new synthesis” of movements that contribute, perhaps unwittingly, towards fascist creep? The readings will be found in Google Drive (file name Project_Readings.pdf). The due date is April 12. -A

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