Business Intelligence

After complete the reading BELOW, answer the following questions either in a word document you upload or by entering into the text box..

How did your answers from the pre-knowledge quiz match to the details in the readings? What was different from your original ideas of BI? What new details did you learn from the reading? What are a few key take aways from each author? Were there components that fasinated or confused you? Are there any additional questions you have from the reading?

Grading: To receive full points, answer each question using content referring to the reading materials as appropriate with any additional sources you may have “googled” or read. Paste any source links for reference at the end of your answer. Come prepared to share your insights or additional details during class.

Business Intelligence Readings
Business intelligence pertains to the integration of IT into business processes. Business intelligence helps in information gathering and knowledge management for effective managerial decision making across all the levels of management. Initially, I had the idea that business intelligence was characterized solely with the methods through which organizational knowledge is gathered internally and externally for analysis. To some extent, this aligns with my updated knowledge on business intelligence in that it fosters informed managerial decision making. Wieder and Ossimitz (2015) described the direct and indirect impacts of business intelligence on the decision-making processes, and how different IT systems can be supportive to the BI implementation environment. The concept of applying information systems and software to the implementation process for BI diverges from my original ideas on business intelligence which had no indication of information systems use. From the readings made, I gathered a lot of new information not only on what business intelligence is but also on how it contributes to decision-making in the organizational setting.
Through the reading, I also learned about the concept of big data and how it relates to the business environment. Most businesses in the modern corporate world use a lot of data analytics and the need for incorporating big data and cloud computing concepts into organizational operations is profound. I was fascinated by the fact that so much change can take place in such a short time due to effective decision-making processes. While I was able to learn more than I expected from the two authors, I can deduce that understanding the role of big data in the business environment goes in tandem with understanding what the business process is. Incorporation of BI into any business requires identification of its needs and the managerial support towards addressing them.
Wieder, B. & Ossimitz, M.L. (2015). The impact of business intelligence on the quality of decision – making – A mediation model. Procedia Computer Science, 64, 1163 – 1171. Retrieved from

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