Complete a practice test study case


Use a pen or pencil to complete the practice test and insert all 3 parts into your duotang:
Complete a fact sheet, a complete report and a diagram for the accident below:
Marking Components
You will be marked on the following four components:

1) Comprehension
You must demonstrate that you understand what happened in each scenario. This will involve puzzle-solving skills. You will have to make sure that all facts are correctly listed and everything is presented in an orderly manner. Use of diagrams would be very important to assist you here. Either draw your own, or use one provided to outline relevant information, positions of vehicles, damage to vehicles, etc. Fill in the information on the diagram as you go through the report. By using a diagram you will not have to waste time searching through the text to write your report. Pay attention to any diagrams provided for any further information that may not be included in the report.

2) Conclusions
You must reach a logical conclusion to the events that transpired. You will have to interpret the data and make a decision as to what must have happened. In many situations the easiest way to find out if something was done wrong, or inappropriately is to place yourself in the scenario. In a traffic collision scenario, whom would I be angry at if I was driving Vehicle 1? Vehicle 2? Vehicle 3? For the most part if you can determine whom you would be angry at, you more than likely found someone at fault. The next step would be determining what action the person did.

3) Technical Writing
Your grammar and spelling must be correct. Make sure you use simple language you are confident spelling and use clear concise language that you are confident will not contain grammatical errors.

4) Penmanship
I must be able to read your writing without difficulty. Keep the report clear and concise. Do not write too much, and ensure you give yourself enough time to write the report neatly. Use paragraphs to keep the report orderly.
5) Diagram- Must be complete

The driver of the car with license plate BYR 841 does not remember seeing the traffic signals at the intersection where the collision occurred. One pedestrian saw the Blue Cadillac heading northbound on Jameson Avenue just prior to the collision, but admits they did not see the collision occur. Police received a radio call to attend a collision at 11:30 pm. The driver of the vehicle with plate number 872 LVV sustained minor injuries. Black Cavalier was sitting in the intersection facing southeast with heavy damage on its rear passenger corner and minor damage on the rear driver side of the vehicle. The Blue Cadillac with plate numbers BYR 841 was still sitting in the middle of the intersection facing northeast when police arrived. The driver of Blue Cadillac reported returning home from a dinner with family. There were three pedestrians on scene when police arrived offering any needed help, but they did not witness the collision. The only injured party was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital for treatment and released the next day on March 12th. The driver of the Maroon Nissan was not injured but was quite frightened. All three drivers on scene reported that there were no other vehicles in the area at the time of the collision. The intersection of King Street and Jameson Avenue is normally fairly busy during the day, but at night the road traffic is minimal. There were very few people on the street when police showed up due to the heavy rain that had been coming down all evening. When police arrived they noted that there was minor damage the front driver side of the vehicle with the licence plate PJT 113. There were no signs of skid marks on the road. All signs of debris were within the intersection of King Street and Jameson Avenue. There was severe damage to the front section of the Blue Cadillac. Maroon Nissan was parked on King Street just west of Jameson Avenue when police arrived. Both King Street and Jameson Avenue have city busses running on them between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. There was a fairly sharp turn on Jameson Avenue about 150 metres north of King Street. The driver of Black Cavalier reported coming from a friend’s house where they were playing cards. The driver of Maroon Nissan reported heading to work. The driver of the Black Cavalier remembers being stopped for the red light on King Street heading eastbound, watching the northbound light change from yellow to red, and then starting to drive when the east and westbound light turned green. The driver of Maroon Nissan with plate number PJT 113 remembers the light turning green for westbound before driving forward. Police arrived on scene within 2 minutes of receiving the call. One of the officers present at the scene reported there was a collision two weeks earlier with a vehicle travelling southbound on Jameson Avenue going through a red light.

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