American Express

Research questions
1. What explains the American Express card’s success over the past fifty years?
2. What challenges face the American Express card in 2008?
3. Delineate and rank order the various growth options open to the American Express card
4. How is an imminent economic recession likely to affect the revenues and profits of the American Express card?
Research method
• Make a complete overview of the financial cards market
• Define the trends that could affect the financial card market
• Make an external analysis (CICD) for the financial card market in America
• Make a positioning matrix of AMEX financial cards versus their competitors.
• Define the best marketing mix for the AMEX financial card
• What would be your cost/benefit analysis/projected income statement?

Use at least 5 (semi)scientific sources.

Style Guide/Lay-out
When you start working in a new Word document please follow the next steps:
• Select all (Ctrl + A) on the blank page
• Change font into Calibri, size 12 or Times New Roman, size 12
• Change line distance to 1,5
• Check ‘Page Layout’, ‘paragraph’, and set spacing before and after at 0 pt
• If applicable: change the language to English (UK)
• Use Heading 2 for all headings
• Use APA for all sources.

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Deadline Friday the 13th of April

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