Site Plan Application and Urban Design Brief


Assume that you have been retained as a land use planning consultant to prepare and submit a site plan application on behalf of the developer of the micro suites. Using the selection process from Professor Healy’s class and the design process in Professor Bellaire’s class you will prepare the written and oral justification for your micro suite project. Working individually, you are required to present your design to the Planning Committee (faculty) for approval of the site plan.
1. Prepare a Site Plan application and site plan for the micro suites – 20 marks
2. Prepare an Urban Design Brief for the micro suites – 20 Marks
3. Prepare and present the application and the design brief to the Public Meeting – 10 marks
8 – 10 minute presentations; showing the site plan; regional spatial analysis; site spatial analysis; and site plan; why should the Planning Committee recommend approval of your site for the micro suites.
Marking is based on complete content for the site plan application; Originality and format of the site plan; inclusion of all the written and map requirements; Written justification regarding the site location analysis; the site planning details; the Presentation and responses to questions on all three aspects.
The application and urban design brief must be submitted in digital format to the drop box and paper copy in class. The marking for the design brief is based on the research; written material; supporting rationale for the proposed site plan.
The urban design brief requirements are posted on FOL.

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